Arvigor Trading & Co. GmbH is a customer-centric multi-purpose trading company based in Berlin. It has emerged from a business partnership under German civil law, which operated since 2015.

Our business activities focus on import & export, in particular e-commerce and trading of industrial products, agricultural goods as well as commodities, minerals and raw materials. We also offer small and medium-sized enterprises services in foreign trade with regards to trade intermediation, commercial representation, export sales & commercial distribution or trade advisory & business consulting.

In this regard, we conduct market analysis and research as well as business development in international trade in addition to export consulting. Furthermore, we provide other services in export management and import processing, sourcing and procurement of foreign trade goods.

Through our integrated e-commerce marketplace for industrial and consumer goods, as well as via our marketing and public relations platform, we provide our corporate clients and vendors on our marketplace with opportunities for new sales channels, trade marketing and services with regards to press, corporate communication and business advertising.

Our focus are small and medium-sized companies from developing, emerging and developed markets, especially companies operating from Germany, European Union, Great Britain, VietnamRussia and Armenia in the following sectors:

Information Technology & Telecommunication, Energy & Utilities, Construction & Construction Materials, Metals & Mining, Chemicals & Synthetics, Textiles & Apparels, Agriculture & Agricultural Technology, Transport & Logistics, Machinery & Manufacturing, Food & Beverages, Furniture & Home Decor, Wood & Paper.

We aim to transform your business into a competitive, sustainable and global player.

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Office: Arvigor Trading & Co. GmbH
Glinkastr. 32, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Tel.: +49 30 28867307
Fax: +49 32 226412907
Email: info [at] arvigortrading [dot] com


addtrade advisory © is a subsidiary business of Arvigor Trading & Co..


International trade is complex. addtrade advisory simplifies those complexities by offering tailor-made trade solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Our trade services add value to the trade business of our clients. Competitive business landscapes and cultural nuances require professional and strategic advisory with analytical tools to minimize risk and enhance probable outcomes in new markets. The introduction of complex goods, products or services into new markets absorbs organisational and monetary resources. Therefore, addtrade advisory provides sustainable solutions that allow SMEs to grow organically.

Our trade services are tailored for SMEs from/to developing, emerging and developed markets, especially for German, British, European, Vietnamese, Russian and Armenian companies.


madetrade marketplace © is a subsidiary business of Arvigor Trading & Co..


International trade is complex. Our own integrated online marketplace allows SMEs to trade with other companies or sell their goods as vendor to customers on our industrial marketplace, hence minimizing investments and improving sales and distribution efficiency across multiple markets for 24h every week.

Our trade services add value to the online trade business of our clients and they add intangible value to the goods and products for our customers. Competitive pricing in new markets is difficult. Complex industrial products require analytical tools to strengthen sales and inform customers adequately. The introduction of goods, products and services into new markets absorbs organisational and monetary resources. Therefore, madetrade marketplace provides sustainable trade solutions that makes it easier for SMEs to grow organically.


caretrade blog © is a subsidiary business of Arvigor Trading & Co..


International trade is complex. Our own integrated blog allows SMEs and our marketplace vendors to streamline their marketing and public relations operations across multiple markets with minimal investments and effort, hence enhancing sales reach across multiple distribution channels for 24h every week.

Our trade services add value to the sales & marketing strategies of our clients by providing suitable communication strategies and analytical tools, which improve the competitiveness of their goods, products or services. The introduction of goods, products and services into new markets absorbs organisational and monetary resources.

Therefore, caretrade blog provides sustainable business solutions that allow SMEs to grow organically.



Our corporate philosophy is based on fundamental principles that govern our ethical code, our client and customer relations, our services, our business as well as our corporate mindset.


International trade involves a variety of risks for various counterparts with different sets of interests. We balance those risks, protect and harmonize those interests for the long term benefit of all counterparts.

That requires a systematic approach, which we apply and adjust to our client’s requirements for every single business activity we are entrusted with and every single business activity that we engage in.


By tailoring our services to what the business of our clients really require, we enhance their business efficiency and increase the spare capacity for our clients to create value and to grow their business globally.

Business Practice


As our company wishes to establish long-term business relationships with our clients, customers and our business partners to achieve common business objectives, we are dedicated to provide a legal business framework, under which all participants are able to act in confidence of the law.

Transparency, dependability and integrity are important to us to facilitate reliable outcomes in the world of international trade. They are also effective tools to build mutual trust and respect in our daily business interactions. Therefore, the Terms & Conditions henceforth contain a set of legal agreements and obligations between us, our clients and customers, our vendors and business partners to simplify and accelerate contractual and legally binding business transactions in case of mutual agreement to do so. Moreover, they also state the rights of our vendors and customers on our online marketplace with regard to online business transactions.

Through our subsidiary businesses addtrade advisory, madetrade marketplace and caretrade blog, we provide to small and medium-sized businesses a complete trade advisory, e-commerce marketplace and marketing & public relations platform, in order to grow their business on a global scale.

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Arvigor Trading & Co. signed a protocol with Associação Empresarial de Águeda to encourage, support and promote the economic and social development of Portugal’s central region as part of Centro 2020 and Portugal 2020, namely through the Inter Home & Office Industry project developed by AEA, which is funded by the European Regional and Development Fund (ERDF). The main goal of the project is the internationalization of companies from the Águeda region.

Associação Empresarial de Águeda (aea) is a non-profit and public business association founded in 1974 with a multisectoral scope providing services and training to employers including advice on legal, tax, economic, financial, environmental, industrial, organizational and other professional matters, representing and promoting associated companies from Águeda, Portugal.



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Arvigor Trading & Co. GmbH incorporated on 27 September 2017

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