Arvigor Trading & Co. GmbH, incorporated in 2017, is a multipurpose trading company based in Berlin, Germany. It has emerged from a business partnership under German civil law, which operated since 2015.
Our business activities focus on import & export, in particular e-commerce, and trading of industrial and consumer products, agricultural goods, commodities, minerals and raw materials.

In addition, we provide global trade services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), public institutions, semi-public and private organizations. In this regard, we act as import & export brokers or international trade agents, foreign trade advisers and international business consultants (import consultants or export consultants). Our service portfolio includes global sourcing and international procurement, business development in new markets, market development for new businesses, export management, manufacturer and sales representation (commercial representation), import and export distribution, trade marketing and online advertisement.

Our integrated online shop for industrial and consumer products is a platform for our own e-commerce channel, while enabling our corporate clients and suppliers to generate additional sales and to strengthen the visibility of their products and brands.

Our priority are small and medium-sized enterprises from developing, emerging and developed markets, especially businesses operating from/or targeting markets within the following sectors in Germany, European Union (EU) and CEE, United Kingdom (UK), Vietnam and United States (USA):

Information Technology & Telecommunication, Energy & Utilities, Construction & Construction Materials, Metals & Mining, Chemicals & Synthetics, Textiles & Apparels, Agriculture & Agricultural Technology, Transport & Logistics, Machinery & Manufacturing, Food & Beverages, Furniture & Home Decor, Wood & Paper.

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Arvigor Trading & Co. GmbH
Thyssenstr. 7-17, 13407 Berlin

Tel.: +49 30 34060977 | Fax: +49 30 22185881 | Email: info [at] arvigortrading [dot] com | Skype:

Trading Company

As a trading company, our core discipline is the selection of those products from various markets that bring the best value for those in demand. Import and export operations on our own and on behalf of third parties take into consideration the individual requirements of new markets.

Competitive pricing in new markets is difficult, but very important. Adequate planning and verification of suppliers or buyers with regard to the introduction of new goods is necessary to gauge the possibility of any longer term business.

Online Shop

Our online shop is an integrated customer-centric business along the supply chain.

As an e-commerce platform for business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B), we sell our own products, those products on behalf of our business partners (suppliers) and those products of our advised corporate clients.

Our suppliers are selected for their high level of business standards, product quality and their ethical compass in providing the best possible products and service to businesses and consumers.

Trade Services

Our portfolio of foreign trade services works as a backbone for our own trading operations and for those of our corporate clients.

The simplification of underlying global trade processes and procedures through a quantitative and tailor-made approach is key. By employing analytical tools and automated human decision-making, we provide efficient and sustainable international trade solutions to our corporate clients, in order to minimize business and markets risks and to enhance probable outcomes in new markets.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are facing a challenging and competitive business landscape, which requires data-driven, professional and strategic insights. As a consequence, we streamline our clients’ operations for them to grow organically and increase their sales through organisational efficiency.

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Our corporate philosophy is based on fundamental principles that govern our ethical code, our sphere of corporate client and customer relationships, our level of service, our business as well as our corporate mindset.


Global trade involves a variety of risks for various counterparts with different sets of interests. We balance those risks, protect and harmonize those interests for the long term benefit of all counterparts.

Our approach is organic. We build measures around the inherent structure and identity of the business so that additional business layers shall grow organically with enhanced organisational efficiency.


A corporate system may contain organic and non-organic layers (e.g. through mergers and acquisitions). We identify, adjust and apply those business activities on behalf of our clients that reduce systematic overhead, underline the systematic benefits of our clients’ business and increase the spare capacity for our clients to grow their business globally.

Business Practice


Since our company intends to establish long-term business relationships with our corporate clients, customers and our business partners to achieve common business objectives, we are dedicated to provide a legal business framework, under which all participants are able to act in confidence of the law.

Transparency, dependability and integrity are important to us to facilitate reliable outcomes in the world of international trade. They are also effective tools to build mutual trust and respect in our daily business interactions.

In particular, we refer to our respective terms and conditions which contain a set of legal requirements and obligations between participating parties to simplify and accelerate contractual, i.e. legally binding, business transactions in case of mutual agreement to do so.

They also state the rights of our corporate clients, customers and other participants, especially with regard to online business transactions.



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