How can you help us to increase our sales?

Your business is unique. We consider this fact in our tailor-made approach. That’s why we offer tailor-made global trade services, especially trade advisory, and global trade solutions for the international expansion and optimization of your business activities in order to diversify your sales channels and increase your sales volume.

What are the advantages your company offers?

We provide a transparent cost structure to minimize risks as well as a coherent global trade platform, which centralizes your business activities through our global trade services, facilitates transactions through our online shop with an integrated PR and marketing system. Hence, it reduces your operational costs and optimizes the operational structure of your business.

Are you interested in buying our products or services?

Yes, we are in general. Please make sure to attach a price list to your catalog or at least give an overview of your business, your terms and some price examples.

Can you find a buyer or a seller for our products?

Yes, we can. There are several possibilities to do business. Either we buy your products after evaluating the business case and the supply chain or we find you a buyer (wholesale) or a seller (retail) or a distributor (wholesale). Another option would be to become a supplier to us and we can directly sell (online or offline) your products and distribute them for you. This always depends on the specific products and business case.

How can we cooperate for business?

There are a variety of ways for business cooperation. In particular, we have a great interest in extending the availability of our offerings to a wide range of corporate clients, customers, vendors, manufacturers, sales agents  & representatives, service providers, trade agents, trading companies, public and semi-public organizations or investors worldwide, for example through a franchising business model. Our business partnerships are hence for example suitable for journalists, translators, afilliates, logistics companies, consultants, law firms and financial service providers or suppliers.

What can we expect from a business partnership with you?

A business partnership is a long-term investment. For this reason, we would like to enter into business partnerships which have a long-term positive effect on the satisfaction of our customers and the interests of our corporate clients. A continuing positive relationship with our customers and corporate clients also will have a positive effect on the business activities of our business partners.

Can you briefly explain what differentiates you from other trading companies?

Sure. Beyond our trading activities, we provide our clients with advisory, an e-commerce channel with a PR and marketing system to get advice on how, where and what to sell, then to sell it, to present and explain it to potential buyers and the public.

What do you mean by offering a coherent trade platform?

There is a huge difference when looking for a separate trade adviser, a place to sell and a possibility to gain public awareness for your products and your business in foreign trade, in comparison to a coherent trade platform which may eventually affect your cost structure and the strategic perspective of your business.

As a customer-centric trading company, we provide advice to our clients on a range of products in different sectors, which they can also supply through our online shop. That is a unique service so that we can promote our clients’ and suppliers’ business, support a systematic approach to selling on our e-commerce channel, which allows them to have quick access to foreign markets with lower risks and investments.

Do you provide strategic advice?

Yes, we do. Strategies are as individual as each business and its competitor landscape are unique. Our strategies are based on analytics, fundamentals and customized insights to predict realistic business outcomes and to suggest suitable paths to tackle a specific set of problems.

Do you offer management consulting?

Yes, we do in case your business wants to grow on an international level. No, we do not in case you look for a turnaround or seek management consulting to avoid insolvency. For the latter case, there are consulting firms with advanced expertise, especially legal firms.

What do you do better than your competitors?

Our competitors have advantages in certain areas of their specialization as we also do in our fields of expertise, i.e. international trade in particular. Yet, as a general trading company we avoid giving business advice solely based on past experiences or business history as markets and business landscapes evolve quickly. Our approach deflects from a “tunnel-vision” as we will underline the risks as much as the possible positive outcomes for our corporate clients.

Why is your trade advice better than the advice from your competitors?

As a trading company with an integrated e-commerce platform, trade services is one subsidiary business. Therefore, our trade advisory is not solely based on abstract theoretical models or the analysis of data and statistics, but it also comes from hands-on or practical business experiences. Hence, we understand the difficulties and risks of growth for small and medium-sized enterprises. Objectivity is our emphasis. We do not provide trade advice solely for the sake of business.

How do you calculate the fees for a project on our behalf?

Our fees are transparent. We only bill for exactly what the clients require. Hence, a working day is 8 hours long and we calculate a percentage of a working day in case the required service by our clients only need less than the full amount of working days.

Depending on the services we deliver, our variable fees may also be based on the total contract volume of goods, products or services or they are billed monthly based on fixed sums. You can receive a quote by contacting us.

Some service components can be purchased directly via Paypal. Please contact us before you pay. See more on fees.

What are the payment terms or how do we pay?

The general payment terms are included in the general Terms & Conditions for Trade Services. However, as each project must be evaluated on its merits and risks, we offer each client payment terms that minimize risks on both sides and maximize mutual benefits. Payments are usually based in EUR and via bank transfer, paypal or other pre-agreed individual payment methods.

How do we take advantage of your trade services?

According to your general or specific inquiries, questions, ideas on how and where you want to do business, what business you want to do and what trade services you require to achieve your business goals, we may make you an informal business offer with trade service fee calculations or explicit estimations for products and other services you require beyond what we offer, which we then can discuss. If you accept our detailed written offer with the conditions laid down, we will proceed with a legally binding contract,  e.g. a service contract or another suitable contract including legal attachments, to specify the details of service components and the costs based on the Terms and Conditions for trade services.

Please be aware that we are not obliged to make you a business offer, because our offers are free of charge for our corporate clients. We decide on the merits and risks of the specific business, whether we want to make you any offer.

How long do the trade services take to implement?

We decide that case-by-case as it depends on the business, volume, products and our clients as well as the current external situation how long a project, i.e. the implementation of the trade service, will take. Usually, we will fix a deadline once details of the project and a contract are in place. Prior to a contract, we offer approximate dates in our tenders, business offers, suggestions or projections etc. if not requested otherwise.

The product I am looking for is not available. Can you source it?

Yes, we can. Please check our global trade services section.

Can I act as an affiliate for your online shop?

Yes, you can. Please check for more information on affiliates.

What is the difference between purchasing as a guest or with a registered account?

As a registered user, you may receive additional service such as dedicated ticket support, tracking and management of your orders, download of invoices or shipment slips or initiation and management of returns or warranty requests.

I want to make a wholesale purchase. Do I get a reduction?

We may check this for you. Please contact us prior purchase.

Can I supply products to your online shop?

Yes, you can supply new products meant to be sold to consumers or businesses in the 12 categories shown in the online shop. Please contact us.

What benefits does supplying to your online shop have?

You may reduce your storage costs and business risks. Moreover, you may expand your business internationally in new markets with low investments.

Shipment of a product is not available for my country online. Can you still ship it?

Likely, we can. This depends on the country, product and volume. Please contact us for a quotation of shipping costs.

Can you ship on short notice?

Yes, please contact us through our contact form or our dedicated ticket-based support in your account dashboard prior ordering and please read our Terms and Conditions for our Online Shop as well as the shop’s section on shipment and delivery.

What is the purpose of this trade blog?

Since we are a multi-purpose trading company, the purpose of the trade blog is multi-faceted. First of all, it is a platform to communicate with our customers, corporate clients and business partners. Secondly, as we want to facilitate a two-way communication, we also encourage others to contribute content on our trade blog. Hence, it is also a platform to openly discuss various topics on foreign trade and e-commerce. Thirdly, it is a community of open-minded people who enjoy to learn new business approaches from different cultures and exchange their point of view on various business topics.

On what topics can I contribute and is this for free?

Please see on the homepage of the trade blog for the categories or topics on which you may contribute an article. To ensure quality and political correctness, we may edit your article and suggest improvements for maximum impact.

For most part, those contributions are free of charge, especially when you intend  to write on sector research, reports or analyses for example. However, if you advertise products or companies for commercial purposes, then usually this is not free of charge.

How can I register on your blog?

You cannot register by yourself. Please send us an email via the contact form on the blog and describe your project. Once we accept you as an editor, author, co-author, guest blogger or contributor, we will provide you with a free author account. Only registered users or accepted submissions will be authorized to publish content on the blog.

Can I also contribute to your blog without being a registered user?

Yes, you can also contribute to our blog without the need to register, even though you will need to send us your contribution and we shall link to your author bio or we shall publish the article under our own name.

How can we cooperate as journalists or bloggers?

Our clients seek a collaboration that shall increase the reach of their products targeting their potential customer base. An experienced blogger or journalist should be able to understand the business of our corporate clients and their products in order to tailor an effective marketing or press campaign for various purposes such as market entry, trade missions or sales events.

How are we compensated as journalists or bloggers?

The compensation for press and marketing activities is calculated based on the individual projects for our corporate clients. Please get in touch and we will contact you with suitable projects.

Who owns the rights to the contribution?

The author is the sole owner and has full rights to his or her articles, i.e. the authorship to the articles resides completely with the author. However, to avoid duplicated content we request any article published on our blog to be unique. Please see more on the requirements in our Terms and Conditions for our Trade Blog.

What are the rules to publish content on your blog?

Any published content shall adhere to the following rules. The content:

  1. must have at least 300 words, ideally, posts are 500-1000 words in length,
  2. must be related to the blog topics,
  3. must be checked for typos and grammar prior submission or publication,
  4. must be professionally written (no emoticons, use of paragraphs, etc.),
  5. should have complementary licensed images with sources stated,
  6. might be edited in order to ensure quality and correctness,
  7. may be published with a reference to the author’s bio,
  8. must not have any affiliate links except references to authorized websites and products,
  9. must be unique, i.e. it is not yet be published elsewhere nor shall it be published elsewhere,
  10. must not be an infringement on intellectual property,
  11. must adhere to deadlines for drafts and submissions,
  12. should be of reasonable quality.

More information and requirements in our Trade Blog’s Terms and Conditions.