Welcome to Arvigor Trading & Co. based in Berlin, Germany. As a multi-purpose customer-centric trading company, we offer small and medium-sized enterprises through our subsidiary business lines addtrade advisory, madetrade marketplace and caretrade blog compact and efficient trade solutions, supported by our trade and export advisory, export management and export processing as well as individualized strategies for international trade and distribution of industrial goods, trade products and services.

Our approach to business is structured and systematic, while preserving the organic individuality of your business that will make the best of your potential.

We help your company to enter new markets, match you with suitable trading and business partners, support the growth and centralize the management of your international business operations or connect you with manufacturers to diversify your lines of production.

Our international business consulting services help your company to be in line with your global sourcing and procurement needs and we support your business to process your imports in order to optimize your supply chain. We design, facilitate and accelerate the international sales and distribution opportunities of your products.

To promote the business of our corporate clients, we offer tools for market and business development, which we combine with e-commerce, targeted trade marketing and the concentration of international sales channels. Let us take care and accompany you to shape and grow your international business.

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