We source your goods, products and services globally to improve the supply chain of your business and to diversify your procurement operations.

Send us details about the product, goods or service you request to source including price range, origin of manufacturer or provider, documentation and manuals, date of production, sample, graphical material, technical specifications, required date of arrival and any other specific information relevant to ensure effective procurement.

Our technical expertise can manage complex products, whether spare parts or technologically advanced machinery and equipment.

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We develop your international business to make the best of your growth potential.

The expansion of your business internationally requires an efficient organisational structure, product marketing and brand positioning strategies, sales & distribution strategies, a reliable network of distribution & sales partners, a consistent legal framework to operate and grow your business internationally; to strengthen your revenues in new markets.

Therefore, we provide you with a basic and premium service as business developer. Book our basic service for a one-time fee of 499 EUR only now.

With regard to our premium service, the minimum suggested time frame of our engagement as developers of your international business are 3 months, while 6 months are recommend to obtain long-term results.

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We analyze the international markets that your business will penetrate to reduce the risks for your business and to obtain optimal results through market intelligence.

At some point, a quasi-state of market saturation within the boundaries of your home market will diminish the growth potential of your business. Market expansion, whether via the acquisition of new international customer segments or via the optimization of your existing product portfolio, requires the employment of analytical tools to grow the capacity of your business beyond those boundaries.

Therefore, our market development’s basic and premium service will customize your market expansion strategies to create superior long-term value for your business.

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We manage your export business so that you will have organisational spare capacity to focus on the growth of your business.

Send us details about the product or goods you want to export including units or volume, target location, origin location, required date of arrival to target location, insurance requirements, technical details and any other specific information relevant to your export business.

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We represent your business and drive the international sales of your goods, products or services that will enable your business to gain market share and a memorable reputation..

To establish a legal entity in new markets including a sales & distribution infrastructure is costly and risky. Instead become our partner. Our premium service provides manufacturers with a full-fledged platform to act as a central point of contact for your regional client base and operations.

On our own marketplace or via different distribution channels, we sell and distribute your goods and products directly. Furthermore, we position your brand and handle your marketing activities & public relations on our trade blog.

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We sell your export goods, products or services on a global scale in the most cost-neutral way possible.

To increase your global export sales, addtrade advisory provides you with a superb and cost-neutral sales & distribution infrastructure to sell or distribute your goods and products on your behalf in exchange for a fixed commission based fee. A fixed commission based fee or consignment fee of at least 15% only applies to each unit or volume sold on your behalf for all goods, products or services. If requested, we can provide logistics (warehouse, transport & shipping, etc.), trained and experienced sales & support staff for an additional fixed fee.

Through our marketplace or other online channels, we sell your products directly. Or become a vendor on our marketplace.

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We create trade marketing concepts and campaigns to underline the appeal of your business for existing and new business clients.

Trade marketing is an essential supply chain tool to position, differentiate and communicate your company, brand or line of products and services within an existing market to existing or new business clients, i.e. to improve your trade relationships and to generate new leads for your business, hence to increase sales & distribution of your products and services.

To compete for existing or new business clients in new markets requires your business to tailor your message to your clients. A unique selling proposition.

Start today with a free profile or as guest author on our trade blog to promote your business, to prospect for potential clients or to advertise to our marketplace vendors.

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